Various Artists * A Tribe Called Quest *

This is « The World Meets » second project.
This project is a world wide collaboration of 12 producers paying hommage to « A Tribe Called Quest »!
12 beatmakers chop and screw the same samples that the tribe used, or their vocals, and bring it to new light! .

Uglypitch * Warriors In Da Sewah *

Collaborative instrumental project with :

Téhu, Kvnb., The SOULution, Benito, Sqreeb, Born Twice & Kool Mat . On some samouraï comming from the sewah type of mood.

Uglypitch * La chaumine Vol. 2 *

Enfermés en chalet avec un enregistreur portable, un contact mic, des vinyles, rien de plus pour ce projet en collaboration entre Sqreeb et Kool Mat.

Materiel : Minilogue, Mpc Live, ASR10, SP303, PT01

Track 9 produite à 100% en field recording.

Uglypitch * La chaumine Vol. 1 *

This is an instrumental album made in 3 days in a remote location near montréal.
When canadian winters get hard thats when the beatmaking magic begins ,hand picked records , multiple synths and samplers gathered with some dope producers bringing the HEAT right back up !

Various Artists * The World Meets DOOM *

The ( Beat Tape and Remixs ) Project is a collaboration of 18 producers world wide joining together to pay hommage to the one and only MF DOOM !
18 producers chop and screw the same samples the Villain himself used and bring it to new light
PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE METAL FACE ! First official project from the beatmaker Fléau.
Beatmaker, BBoy and great digger to just name a few, his project is guided by his chopped sampling technique.